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fy98oicreex31.jpg (u)
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she is best youtubese girl from portugal, way better then sea3P0. More of her?
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Foda-se, não.
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big_bootay_bdsm.jpg (u)
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why? are you gae?
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sea_cu_bom.jpg (u)
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>>318 (OP) 
you wot famalad you are fucking dumb m8 she is the WORST pt girl youtuber even fucking owhana is better than her. I really do not understand how you manage to like such abomination.
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miss_in_the_nature.jpg (u)
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BIG_BOOTAY_2.jpg (u)
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stop being a demented mongrel, you know sea3P0 is not hot enough to make a fucking patreon, even tough i would enjoy to see her try. Seems quite fun. She is not cute tho. 
i have not ever heard of that one and she does not have her own thread here so she must not be very sucessfull around Portugal, all i know is that she dated a guy named Wuant Borges, does she have a patreon too? lol
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Just had a fine wank, lad. Thanks
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>essa cara de cavalo
>essas tatuagens nojentas
pqp combustível para vómito
Que gaja abominável
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Desafio-te a postar algo melhor
sea_vs_miss_mushrooms.png (u)
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fode-te ai nem vou mais escrever em inglês
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Where are you from m8
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miss_and_her_friend.png (u)
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Me too, I wish i could find more of her but i am not a wagie at the moment so i can't pay for her patreon.
i won't translate your shitty meme. Catarina Lowdes will never care for you. She does not give a single fuck and she makes content for children therebefore you are a 12 year faggot mentally.
I am currently living in London but i was born in Manchester.
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ClipboardImage.png (u)
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da lhe caralho
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Her friend is hot, who is she?
sea_sorridente.png (u)
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avé sea
Come to Southampton I'll fuck you up
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