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It's really funny to see people born in 1990 reaching their 30s. It reminds me of a disease called Progeria, a person gets old without ever having grown up, without ever having stopped being a child.

It's funny, but I feel sorry for these retards. And these people are still having kids! One child care for another child.

I worked with a girl who confessed to me that she was cheating on her husband. Do you know what she claimed? The husband spent the entire night playing Playstation and didn't want to have sex anymore.
Só ouço sons de bonobo
A sorte ditará o teu futuro, macaco
Sorte: Quero me mudar para Portugal, quero ser cidadão europeu
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kkk se fudeu, tuga otário

Sorte: Ela tem um pénis feminino uwu

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Who is she?
[b]Lexy "FishCantFeelPain"[/b]
Who is he?

What is the story of this video?
[i]This is my cock, and that is my pussy bitch :wink:[/i]

[i]to Trap_Daddy: LMAO I am NOT your pussy bitch. You had the privilege of fucking me ONCE, MANY years ago. And then you threw me out of your little basement bedroom right after you came because you were embarrassed of me and worried your roommates would see me. I can't believe how desperate I was back then. I only said the things I did because it was MY fantasy, not yours. I am WAY sexier now than the girl you got to fuck for a couple of minutes (it was over so quickly, lol!), and I have an amazing Daddy who treats me right, isn't so insecure that he can't be seen with me (like you are--ashamed of your own desires), and has a MUCH bigger cock (seriously makes me scream, he has to tie me down sometimes, hehe!). The past year with him has been SO amazing and such a happy time for me. I'm tired of seeing you post comments on this video, living on your past glory--our one-minute stand, the highlight of your entire sexual history! Suck my dick, you insecure loser.[/i]

[i]P.S. I am NOT a "ladyboy" or a "shemale;" I'm actually not even a transsexual. I'm intersex (not the same thing as a hermaphrodite, though very closely related), which is why my voice never dropped, don't have a prostate, can't ejaculate (though I can [and do] have VERY intense multiple orgasms, and I can obviously get hard embarrassingly easily, lol), don't have to take synthetic estrogen, etc. I sure make a hot video, though[/i]

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boa picha, mano!
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Tábua não é minha, problema o vosso, filtrem.
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>>101 (OP) 
Vais adquirir saúde mental?
Sorte: Vais adquirir sexo consensual
A power é a melhor fofinha

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Cripple 1 - 0 PTchan.
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É ptchan, tudo em letras pequenas, obrigado.

Sorte: ( ´_ゝ`)フーン
Tem dinheiro? Como posso adquirir uma fofa assim? 

Sorte: Tenta outra vez

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I have a dream: to record and show everyone my adventures with prostitutes and trannies.

The snag is that, in the middle of 2021, there's still no spy glasses with an HD camera on the market that is really discreet, to such an extent that the whore doesn't notice that she is being filmed.

I would open a channel on Xvideos, where whenever I went to meet a prostitute, everything would be filmed from the moment I leave the house until the moment I return.
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I want to eat now
That would be cool

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Today is your birthday. When you arrive home, you are greeted with a huge party by every member of the family. After hugging everyone, breaking the cake and extinguishing the candles, your parents give you their hands and lead you to your room.

Upon opening the door, you are faced with this scene. What do you do?
I tell em that apartadox has better whores
Prolly i'll wait till my parents go and fuck him.

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If my mother becomes infected with COVID-19 and dies, I will kill the president of my country, Jair Bolsonaro.

My mother is 75 years old, with arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatism. Until now everything is ok with her, and that it remains so, because if she catches this disease and dies, I will kill the president of the republic.

I'm unemployed and I don't have any kind of money saved. If my mom dies today, my life is just over. There is nothing to lose. I will be a homeless and I will starve for the rest of my life.

The president's supporters have a basic, classic and caricature dressing characteristic, like the 'trumptards', 'MAGAfags': they wear the jersey of the country's national football team, usually have a brazilian flag in their hand and repeat buzzwords all the time like parrots, in addition to carrying a gun.

They're armed, that's where I come in.

In case my mother dies, I'll travel the country looking for him to find out the exact time to get close to him. He usually comes very close to people and hugs them. Do this constantly. At that moment I'll get close to him asking for a hug, and when he opens his guard I'll fire all possible shots. He will die.

I have no problem spending the rest of my life in jail if my mother dies. I have no problem being lynched to death by his crazed supporters after his murder either.

If you're a Jair Bolsonaro fan, pray that nothing happens to my mom. Pray, but pray really.
Not our problem, pal. Not our contry too. We don't care.
You ain't doing shit.
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And btw >>>/pla/

I was fired from seven jobs for being an atheist.

Everytime I get a job, I always make sucess. People like me, even love me I would say. This only lasts until they ask me what my religion is (question that I can't answer with lies).

When I say I'm an atheist, it's all over. Out of nowhere, a meaningless workplace harassment begins.

Something similar happens to me when I say I'm not married and I don't have kids.

People here in Brazil do not accept this. You can't be 35yo+ and not be married and not have kids here. You're only accepted under these conditions if you are a homosexual.

Brazilians hate those who haven't ruined their lives. "If I screwed up my life, you have to screw up yours too."
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have you tried stop being a beta virgin?
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>>82 (OP) 
Just say that you're christian.
>those who haven't ruined their lives
christians are fucking retard
Just larp as very spiritual christian then

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Are there any italian imageboards?
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Engraçado que não me apareceu nenhum chan italiano quando tentei pesquisar no google. Porque querias aprender italiano, anone?
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Nenhuma razão específica, gosto do idioma é eu achava que seria fácil de aprender por ser uma língua latina como o español. A verdade é que é mais difícil do que parece.
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Em Espanha aprendem mais algum idioma para além do Inglês? Aqui temos Espanhol ou Francês e em algumas escolas tens Mandarim, Alemão ou latim mas é mais raro. O normal mesmo é ter Francês ou Espanhol. Gostava de ter tido Italiano, sempre é mais bonito que o Fran*ês
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IMG_20210909_004647.jpg (u)
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¿Nas escolas? A partir de secundária tens opção de aprender alemão o francês como segundo idioma. O inglês é obrigatório mas os españoles são retrasados e não aprendem, nas regiões com línguas próprias oficiales também são obrigatórias as línguas regionais e em outros sítios como Asturias ou Aragón são idiomas opcionais.
Si fosse por mim proibiria o francês das escolas públicas, ¿Para que vamos a aprender sua língua de merda?

Por outro lado o italiano não se ensina porque não é de muita utilidade, só se fala em Itália e no sul de Suiça (também há antigas colónias em África onde os mais velhos falam algo de italiano pero isso não é mais que uma anedota).
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Puta sempre digo o "pero".

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¿Qual é a opinião do Portugal sobre o regionalismo em España?
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>mas o país continua a ser controlado pela mesma gente maioritariamente lisboeta que semeia ódio irracional histórico contra os espanhóis

A maioria das pessoas que propaga merdas de "União Ibérica" são urbanitas que mal conhecem a história do país

Apesar de gostar fazer piada dos espanhóis, eu não tenho nada contra eles, sinceramente não quero saber
Mas a verdade é que, embora não pareça á 1ª vista, nós e eles fomos bastante diferentes no culturalmente e em modo de estar quando observas as pequenas coisas, os detalhes 

>os únicos que vejo repetir as piadinhas do dE eSpAnHa nEm bOm vEnTo nEm bOm cAsAmEnTo eHeH são sempre gente que provavelmente nunca falou com um Espanhol na vida.

Esse ditado tem pouco haver com animosidade, mas simplesmente o facto de que no fundo o povo português e espanhol são "incompatíveis"
Replies: >>30
A união Ibérica só fazeria sentido em uma península balcanizada e em um estilo Commonwealth britânico.
Portugal nunca foi um território de Espanha.........
Replies: >>77
Sim foi.
>sinto mais ligação e empatia com um Andaluz ou um Galego do que com um tipo de Minas
Nada disso mete em questão a Lusofonia e a Hispanidade. Podes ter preferência relativamente a quem está mais próximo de ti mas isso não nega uma identidade maior.

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Hoje dia é o dia de Asturias, a terra que mais amo.

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