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Today is your birthday. When you arrive home, you are greeted with a huge party by every member of the family. After hugging everyone, breaking the cake and extinguishing the candles, your parents give you their hands and lead you to your room.

Upon opening the door, you are faced with this scene. What do you do?
If my mother becomes infected with COVID-19 and dies, I will kill the president of my country, Jair Bolsonaro.

My mother is 75 years old, with arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatism. Until now everything is ok with her, and that it remains so, because if she catches this disease and dies, I will kill the president of the republic.

I'm unemployed and I don't have any kind of money saved. If my mom dies today, my life is just over. There is nothing to lose. I will be a homeless and I will starve for the rest of my life.

The president's supporters have a basic, classic and caricature dressing characteristic, like the 'trumptards', 'MAGAfags': they wear the jersey of the country's national football team, usually have a brazilian flag in their hand and repeat buzzwords all the time like parrots, in addition to carrying a gun.

They're armed, that's where I come in.

In case my mother dies, I'll travel the country looking for him to find out the exact time to get close to him. He usually comes very close to people and hugs them. Do this constantly. At that moment I'll get close to him asking for a hug, and when he opens his guard I'll fire all possible shots. He will die.

I have no problem spending the rest of my life in jail if my mother dies. I have no problem being lynched to death by his crazed supporters after his murder either.

If you're a Jair Bolsonaro fan, pray that nothing happens to my mom. Pray, but pray really.
I was fired from seven jobs for being an atheist.

Everytime I get a job, I always make sucess. People like me, even love me I would say. This only lasts until they ask me what my religion is (question that I can't answer with lies).

When I say I'm an atheist, it's all over. Out of nowhere, a meaningless workplace harassment begins.

Something similar happens to me when I say I'm not married and I don't have kids.

People here in Brazil do not accept this. You can't be 35yo+ and not be married and not have kids here. You're only accepted under these conditions if you are a homosexual.

Brazilians hate those who haven't ruined their lives. "If I screwed up my life, you have to screw up yours too."
Are there any italian imageboards?
¿Qual é a opinião do Portugal sobre o regionalismo em España?
Hoje dia é o dia de Asturias, a terra que mais amo.
Faz um dia que estou aqui e já quero voltar.
Basáu Zorin
What's your favourite vegetable?

Mine is lettuce.
Imagine if with some effort Brazilians and Spanish speakers can understand each other.
As protestas de Cuba não tiveram nenhum efeito, o regime chavista segue no poder e isso será assim para sempre. 
Eu acho que si chegara a "contrarevolução" o país vai ficar ainda pior, já imagino a insegurança que a liberdade criaria no país. Por suposto que deixará de ser destino turístico, ¿Que vocês acham? Pessoalmente eu gostaria do visitar o país antes do que o regimen caiga, Cuba é o paraíso do estrangeiro.





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